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Brighten Up Your Exterior With Permanent Soffit Lighting in the GTA

Don’t ever waste time hanging outdoor lights again! Permanent soffit lighting in the Greater Toronto Area has solutions to brighten up the outside of your home and increase security without lifting a finger.

Outdoor soffit lighting is as versatile as it is stylish. Using state of the art LED technology that are virtually invisible in daylight, these lights will use significantly less energy and will last longer than standard lighting. From a safety perspective, permanent soffit lighting also brightens up dark areas around your property to deter criminal activity.

Everyone wants a beautifully lit home. Enhance architectural features at night and increase the security of your property with permanent soffit lighting in the GTA.
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Looking for an outdoor lighting solution? Permanent soffit lighting in the GTA is one of the most efficient ways to add a level of elegance and security to your property.


What is Soffit Lighting?

A soffit light is a type of outdoor lighting intended to fit into the soffit panels of the eaves, a porch ceiling, a veranda ceiling or the garage roof overhang. Soffit lights are also known by a number of other names including: can lights, pot lights or downlights.


LED Technology

LED has become one of the most reliable forms of lighting. Offering one of the most sustainable alternatives to incandescent lights, LED lights are highly efficient. The average efficacy of a LED bulb is 78 lm/w (lumens per watt), compared with around 13 lm/w for an incandescent and approximately 18 lm/w for a halogen equivalent. With so many different options of LED lighting to choose from you can finish your outdoor lighting setups in a quick and easy manner.


Make your house look great at night as well as during the day. Permanent soffit lighting in the GTA will showcase your home’s best features.